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Top 2016 Fashion Trends – Part 2

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TOP 2016 FASHION TRENDS PART TWO Hello again Fashionista! Hopefully you already read Part 1 of this series and are ready for Part Two of our series on 2016 Fashion Trends that keeps you current with all things ‘Fashion’. We are going to continue our focus on identifying and reporting on the newest fashion trends and styles.   Trend #1…

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Top 2016 Fashion Trends – Part 1

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Besides sharing my style and personal interests, i planned on increasing the scope of my blog this year by featuring people with information i know will be beneficial to both myself and my readers. So here is the first of many more guest posts to come.   Trying to keep up with fashion trends is like trying to drink from…

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school girl outfit


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HAPPY NEW MONTH!!! I’m super excited cause its my birth month aka 21st. Any June-stars in the building say ‘woot-woot’ haha. I pray this month brings you blessings unlimited and all your wishes come true. Before moving on, I sent out the first of my monthly newsletters (subscribe here) some days ago so if you subscribed and haven’t seen it…

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art deco jewellery


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Jewellery is something that is highly collectable, and it does not have to be worth lots of money for people to collect it. Costume jewellery is something that is very popular, as well as jewellery that is made from precious metals and stones. Anyone can start a jewellery collection whether you prefer Art Deco style, or something a bit more…

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