As a young boy growing up,  Kenny’s parents would make him angry and he would write about it and keep it, He did the same thing when he was happy as he discovered it helped him preserve the moments. He’s loved public speaking since he was very young, debates and all in between but embraced spoken word about two years ago and for him it has been fun all the way.
Now a Medical student, he is working on his first novel and intends to shake the world with his writings- literally.
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Today, we have a spoken word artist!! How cool is that guys?? I’ve always been a fan of spoken word, it brings so much energy with it and sends the message straight home. The first time I listened to this dude was at church and I was just like ‘wow’ the whole time! Prior to that day i had just been feeding myself Youtube videos but if you’ll agree with me, nothing beats a live performance. Without much talking now, let’s meet KennyPoet.

 Tell us about yourself 

My name is Oluremi Kehinde but my stage name is KennyPoet. I’m from Ogun state, in the U.S. Lol kidding, Nigeria. I am a medical student who writes not just poetry but short fiction stories as well, a spoken word artist & a motivational speaker.

His first spoken word piece was on the abducted Chibok Girls
How often do you release a new work & where has this career taken you to?
I write everyday. Many of them don’t get to be heard by people but the ones I feel will inspire people or tell people about Christ do.
I’ve performed at a few churches in Nigeria, in the Spring of Praise Concert in Cebu, Voice fest of course in Manila, Rccg concerts and poetry slams I’ve organized here in the Philippines as well.
Watch his recent work The Widow and Mr Buhari’s Change
What inspires your writings?
If the most wasn’t there I would have said ‘EVERYTHING’. Lol. But with the most there I would say I hear a voice reciting the lines in my head mostly during praise in a church service, I sometimes just pause while singing to write them down. I’ve realized that it just happens, cant explain it.
Who are your mentors in the industry?
I love poetry and I always go out of my way to listen to works of other people. I particularly like the works of Rudy Francisco, Ezeikel Azonwu, Graciano Enwerem and so many others. In studying their style of writing, I have found and crafted one unique to me.
How do you balance being a student and a creative?
Truly Medicine is very stressful but writing is not something I have to worry about. it just comes, effortlessly. So balancing is easy.
Lade here- is every medical student a lowkey creative? I’m beginning to see a pattern haha
 How do you keep it real?
 Lol. I’m a low key kind of person and stay on my lane but I’ve realized its important to meet and communicate with people, create networks. A ‘fan’ can end up being a helper.
 Has this grown into a business and if yes, any tips for people looking to develop their passion into businesses?
Yeah well, I started an Art group called PaperSpoke. We are basically into poetry, theatre plays and organize events. You can check out our Facebook Page.
I would say- Inspire first, make money later.
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