Every finish line is a beginning of a New Race and for every New Race, there is a New Grace.

New Year 2017

Today is the second day of 2017 and more than anything i am grateful!

Grateful for life and every other thing that comes with it.

Grateful for you all that have come on this blogging journey with me.

Grateful for a fresh new start and an opportunity to get it right and get it all.

Grateful for family and friends, acquaintances and online buddies.

Grateful for all the blessings in store for all of us.

Grateful for the wealth that is coming because we are cashing out this year.

Grateful for a life overflowing with love all around.

I’m still basking in the New year mood but don’t get it twisted, plans are already being made and moves are already being taken.

If you haven’t started planning out your 2017 then please start now. I’m moving this year and you need to move too!!!


This New year has started out on a great note for me.

I got featured on inexpensivechic.com as their ‘Style Star’ so please do check out the post Here and leave a comment 🙂

Happy New Year Everyone and I pray that we all have a fulfilling year. May this year be your best year yet.


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