Trick A Small Space Into Feeling Bigger- 6 Bedroom Ideas

Are you worried about the fact that your room looks a little too suffocated? Or it looks smaller than it actually is? Well, this is a real décor issue. To get rid of this issue, you should know the tricks to make the small space look bigger and better. Here we have six bedroom ideas that you can use and make your room appear bigger. Have a look:



1. Ditch the carpet

bedroom decor carpet

Carpets make your space look rather suffocated, this is why you should not invest in buying a carpet and if you already have, ditch it. Carpets can make a bigger space look smaller; this is why you must not go for carpets whenever you are up for decorating your bedroom. You can use a rug instead. The rug will make your bedroom look quite elegant; you just have to choose the right one with a nice texture and color.

2. Furniture

bedroom furniture

Furniture again makes a lot of difference; you should never flood your bedroom with furniture. Also, avoid the furniture pieces that are very large in size because they can make your bedroom look smaller. So choose the furniture that is small to moderate in size so that your bedroom looks bigger than it actually is.


3. Bigger means fewer

classical white bedroom

In the case you like everything to be bigger in size, for example, you need a king sized bed, and a large sized sofa set, so bigger means fewer. Choose only a few pieces since they are big in size. This way your bedroom will look bigger.


4. Select a light theme

light theme decor


A theme is a must for the decoration of any space so choose a theme in the lighter shade if you want things to look bigger. Light colors like white, off white, light green, baby blue will make your space appear open and will prominently show the gap between things. And then buy the accessories of the bedroom according to that theme you have chosen.


5. Bed sets

bed sets

Bed sets are very important; they can add a stylish look to your bedroom and make it look elegant. Pay attention to the bed sets and bedding accessories you choose, get a nice down comforter in white color and get few bed sets in lighter shades. Take care of the print of the bed set because the print and texture can make or break the look in a matter of seconds only.


6. Add a mirror

mirror bedroom

Yes, the best thing to do to make space appear bigger is to add a wall sized mirror. The mirror reflects light more than any other thing, and this is how it can easily make any space bigger, even bigger than it actually is. In the event that you don’t want to spend large amounts of money, you can add two small sized mirrors. The size does not really matter.

Follow the tips mentioned above and trick your small bedroom into feeling bigger. I hope this article helps you out. Stay safe!



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