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Styling a Deep Plunging Neckline Top to Church

Hello Guys,

I’m not sure I’ve had the chance to wish you all a happy new month!! It’s been a minute on the blog but if you’re a loyal reader i’m sure you’ll know that’s because i’m currently busy with my clerkship rotations at the hospital. I hope your month started on a high and it stays like that through out!

Without further ado, i’ll jump right into this rather quick post. I initially didn’t plan on posting this outfit on the blog but with all the love a lot of you have shown from my Instagram posts i decided to bring it on here!

How to Wear A Deep Plunging Neckline Top to Church

deep plunging neckline top

Nigerian fashion style blogger

I purchased this deep plunging neckline lace top some time earlier this year and what really attracted me to it was the intricate lace details and how well fitting it was. I mean for someone like me who is the president of the itty bitty titty community it’s quite hard to find a plunging neckline top that fits just right and doesn’t have so much obviously unnecessary boob space. So when i found this, i was too excited plus it was on a mad sale so why not??

how to wear plunging neckline top

Each time i tried to wear it out, i just always ended up putting it back in the closet and changing to something else lol. You know when it just doesn’t feel right for the occasion? Same goes for numerous buys that are still hanging in my closet waiting for the perfect date but anyway, this past Sunday seemed to be the perfect date for this top.

Prior to this time, i had worn it to take selfies of myself after playing in makeup because i was having withdrawal symptoms! LMAO i hadn’t worn makeup in a while (because i don’t wear any form of makeup for my hospital duties, at most it’s white powder and i’m out of my house) and just felt like beating that face.

nigerian beauty makeup blogger
Hello Makeup Brands!!

beauty influencer nigerian philippines



I paired it with one of my current favorite flared pants (which are super duper comfy btw) and a classic white button down shirt (which I’ve styled here, here and here) . Gold studded pumps, bold gold neck piece and some gold beads on my cornrows to finish the look! I know it looked amazing but i didn’t know how well it looked till after taking the pictures. I was like “nahh girl, you is popping foreal!!” haha

styling deep plunging neckline top hm brown flare pants suede

v plunging neckline top blogger

Who would have thought a plunging neckline top had a place in church? I know right.

What do you think of a plunging neckline top? Would you wear it? How would you style it?


    1. Toluwalade Toyin-Kehinde

      thank you darling!!

  1. WanShyGirl

    I saw the headline and I’m like Lade wants to seduce pastor ni? Lol iKid. Love the way you paired the top, kinda looks like a vest over the button down shirt and it’s giving me these Western vibes. Switch the heels for boots and a hat and you’re a certified Cow Girl! Great One Lade!

    1. Toluwalade Toyin-Kehinde

      hahaha! Yes it does look like a vest and I totally see the Cow girl picture.

    1. Toluwalade Toyin-Kehinde

      Thanks dear

  2. Jamila

    Hmmmm, I was not sure what to expect when I read the title of the post but I have to say you styled the plunging neckline quite well. Great look for church without showing any skin. Kudos! –

    1. Toluwalade Toyin-Kehinde

      haha I agree it was a catchy title! Thanks for stopping by Jamila 🙂

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