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Temi Danso the Portrait Artist says,

Doing art means that I get to work my own hours and at my own pace which is a great stress relief. In short, it is doing what you love every single day.

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It’s been a minute we had a creative spotlight post (catch up on previous creatives here) so when i spotted the beautiful portraits made by Temi on Twitter about a month ago, i knew i had to get you all to meet her. I mean her work speaks for itself, they’re all so beautiful. After stalking her twitter a little, i found out she is actually an engineering student!! Wayment!

So that i don’t dish out all the gist on this intro lol go ahead and read our short chat while of course you bless your eyes with her beautiful portraits.

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Tell us who TEMI DANSO is…

My full name is Temiloluwa Danso and it is quite an interesting name because my first name is Nigerian but my last name is Ghanaian. I am in fact Nigerian, the Ghanaian link comes from my great grandfather who moved to Nigeria and met a wonderful Nigerian woman and the rest is history. I am 21 years old and currently studying Mechanical Engineering and a Portrait Artist. As you may be able to tell from my first name, I am Yoruba.

Besides drawing, I like typical activities such as going out with friends, going to the cinema, etc. I especially like food and coffee dates as catch ups with friends.

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So you’re an Engineering student, tell us more about that…

I have always had an interest in how and why things work. At school, I studied Maths, Physics and Art which meant I was advised to go down the architecture route. However, after attending a university open day about both engineering and architecture I was more captivated by engineering. The ability to transform simple ideas into realistic innovations to improve the society is something that fascinates me.

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When exactly did you start drawing?

I have been drawing for as long as I remember but I found my love for portraits around the age of 14/15 after having to draw self-portraits in art class.

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temi danso artist

“Maybe some of us should have taken art class instead of music seeing as i am not a singer yet *side eye*”

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You mentioned that you just draw during your free time, have you ever considered going pro/full time? 

No, because I am a full-time engineering student which means my schedule is quite hectic. However, after I graduate, I might revisit the thought of going full time.

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If you were asked to pick just one between engineering and being a portrait artist, which would it be?

That would be a very difficult decision for me because doing art means that I work my own hours and at my own pace which is a great stress relief. In short, it is doing what you love every single day.

I love being able to share my talent with the world and make people happy when I commission drawings for them. A downside to doing art full time is that it is an inconsistent source of income. Some months might be very fruitful but some others won’t.

However, engineering is very fulfilling as I receive great satisfaction with problem-solving, calculations and clear concise results. The only downside of that is having to work ‘9-5’ at a company as opposed to essentially being your own boss.

I like that you’re so passionate and willing to make both work!

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Can you give us a run down of your drawing process for a portrait 

  • Sketch the portrait.
  • I always start with the eyes so I use coloring pencils to try to replicate the eyes itself and eye makeup from the reference picture.
  • Then I use pan pastels to map out the main colors in the skin.
  • After which I use coloring pencils to add details and I basically color over the pan pastels layer and I blend everything together.
  • Moving on to the hair, I use pan pastels to map out the main colors in the hair.
  • I use coloring pencils and markers to add details and loose strands.
  • I use pan pastels to map out the neck and clothes.
  • Finally, I add details using coloring pencils and I draw any extras such as necklaces, tattoos and earrings.

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I noticed that you draw mostly beauty influencers/YouTubers. Who’s your favourite and why?

I am a fan of many beauty influencers/YouTubers. Any that you could think of are probably on my queue of people I would like to draw. That being said, a few of my favourites are Jackie Aina, Patricia Bright, Peak Mill and Nella Rose.

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And the ultimate question- How do you balance being a student and a creative?

It is very difficult to be consistent as a creative whilst studying. Since the start of this year, I became more committed to posting at least one picture on my IG every week- not necessarily the completed drawing but a couple of WIP (work in progress) shots to stay consistent and engage my audience.

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Connect with Temi Danso the Portrait Artist

Website – www.temidansoart.com

Email – info@temidansoart.com

Instagram , Twitter   and  Facebook

She offers commission portraits but they are currently closed. She will begin offering prints in the near future so please look out for a blog post about that on her website!

temi danso nigerian portrait artist
Which one of these beauty influencers do you recognize?? What do you think of Temi’s work?
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