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A Tip For Travel Beginners: The Bag Matters

Those of you who have followed my blog over the years know that I’ve have the opportunity to travel between Africa and Asia — but not everyone is so lucky. There are still many young people who have not yet traveled outside of their own countries, but who are at that exciting stage of planning for their first overseas trip.


Traveling is always exciting. Whether you’re flying out to the other side of the world for a business trip or taking on a couple of weeks to visit a new country for new adventures, the adrenaline rush of leaving comfort zones and having fresh discoveries is thrilling. At one point, we’re all too excited to have our new adventures that we fail to recognize one important (yet probably most dreaded) aspect of traveling: packing our things.


Maybe a lot of us did not initially put too much thought into the bags we would be using for traveling. There used to be an unspoken rule of sorts that as long as our stuff fits, we’re good to go. We could just take a random backpack or some duffle, stuff our items inside, and we would be good to go. In the long run, this wrong notion proves to be a disadvantage because we either end up with scattered belongings or deformed bags. Don’t make the mistake some of us did! Find a good travel bag that suits your style and let it be your partner as you go places.


Not sure what to get? Here are some things you can consider when picking out luggage. After all, it’s more than just choosing your favorite colors. Having a short trip? You might want to consider carry-on cabin luggage. Bringing valuable necessities with you? Go for hard luggage. Aiming for easy use? The 4-wheel models of any type of luggage will make maneuvering hassle-free. Whatever your preference or purpose may be, have a look at what is available on the website of a retailer like Luggage Direct and keep these four things in mind while trying to decide what’s best for you:


  • Durability

Your luggage is your travel companion. Just like how we make sure we look presentable upon arriving in a new place, choose a bag that would look as equally stunning even after a long time! Whether the luggage you’re searching for will be for short trips or long trips, make it a point to pick out something that can endure multiple flights and long rides. Keep in mind that airlines have strict weight limits. It would be best to choose luggage that optimizes and maximizes space and weight at the same time.


  • Design

This is where the fun side kicks in.  Since hundreds of travel bags make their way on conveyor belts alongside yours, make sure you can immediately identity which one belongs to you. Go for an uncommon vibrant color, pick out a chic design, or simply go for a bag you identify with. That will make it easier for you to easily spot what’s rightfully yours. You might also want to include key chains, bag tags, or trinkets for quicker identification.


  • Security

Despite the security efforts of airports and terminals, we can never be too careful about our belongings. Now that you’re eyeing on something durable and appealing, don’t forget to consider a major factor: how secure are your valuables inside your luggage? Choose a travel bag that comes with an impeccable lock mechanism. For luggage without a built-in lock system, choose the right accessories for proper security to keep your valuables safe and in place.


  • Value for Money

Now that you have a few ideas to help you narrow your choices, make sure your final selection boils down to one thing: it is and will be worth every penny. Buying a high quality travel bag may not always be budget-friendly but experienced travelers will always tell you that it  proves to be worthwhile in the long run. These bags will be seeing a lot of the world along with you, so invest in a good one!


These four points are not new, but they will help first-time international travelers to focus on the right things when choosing luggage for an overseas trip. Each one is equally important, but if you are like me you’ll probably be focusing on the design of the bag as much as anything else. That’s only natural for a fashion blogger! But durability, security and quality are equally important, so keep these points in mind as you head off on your adventures to explore the beauty of the world, one destination at a time.

What do you look out for when picking out a new luggage? 

Let me know in the comment section below, I’ll love to read from you 🙂

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