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Hello Guys!!!

First of all let me wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I know you’re probably giving me a side eye because we’re already half way through the first month of the year but unfortunately i’m one of those who keep saying ‘happy new year’ till sometime mid year and i hope i’m not the only one guilty of this?


2017 went by so fast damn and I’m actually super glad about that because it was mostly super stressful for me. If you are subscribed to my newsletter,  you’ll already know i started my clinical clerkship (aka final year of medical school) last year and if follow me on Instagram you’d most likely be familiar with my everyday tired face that i shamelessly share on my stories.

And i carried those Chanel eye-bags with me into 2018 -__-


how to wear a beret

My schedule was and continues to be a crazy one so i had to stop blogging at some point hence the drastic decrease in blog posts during the last few months of the year.

Couldn’t even wish y’all a merry christmas 🙁 which i am so sorry for however, i managed to post steadily on my various social media accounts especially Instagram so you see why you should be following me if you haven’t?!

Moving on into the new year, my clinical rotations continue so i can only promise to publish a post or two per month until further notice and i hope you would understand and bare with me 🙂




I would have started off with a new years resolution post but i feel like enough bloggers have already done that and i’m actually tired of reading them lol more so because i’m not much of a new years resolution person so i’ll pass on that.

Instead of resolutions, i make goals for myself and work towards achieving them and i hope you are already working towards yours because January is almost over.

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how to style a red beret



So in light with working towards my goals, I’m laying in bed at 1am with a bad flu, typing this blog post for you.

I’m starting off the new year with the Beret Trend that so graciously graced the runways and street for the better part of 2017. From all our favorite celebrities and now me. Everyone is getting a taste of Paris so it seems.

beret fashion blogger

beret trend

The beret enhances – or at the very least changes an outfit, add that its super versatile. No wonder why everyone is hoping in on the trend and if you haven’t, what more are you waiting for?

The beret is the ultimate symbol of wokeness.

I paired mine with my red blazers (previously styled on the blog here) and my current favorite pair of pants (which i got in two colors because it fits and feels so perfect). Simple sandals to finish off the look and boom, your girl is runway ready.

I’m going to try to catch some sleep now because i have to be at the hospital before 7am today. The struggle life continues but we move.



But before i return, kindly let me know what you think of the beret trend and how you would/ already have styled it! i always love to read from you :-)And if you have a post on that be sure to drop your link and i would check it out!

If you’re new here i hope you enjoyed reading this and find some inspiration while surfing my blog. Don’t be shy to say hi,  2018 is not the year to read and exit anonymously *giving you the side eye*




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Until next time,



  1. Ada

    Nicely styled dear. The beret trend is definitely here to stay. I also styled it on the blog, you should totally check it out

  2. Senami

    Nice combination!! Would have styled mine with a turtle neck top and a mini skirt .I think I’ll do that and post on my blog.Thanks for the inspiration boo

  3. senami

    amazing combination!!!i hope to try mine with a turtle neck top and mini skirt for that vintage vibes….go girl!!

  4. Meilifisayo

    Love the beret trend on you babe – you styled it well x

  5. Bennymakachi

    I’ve always been a fan of beret. Even before it become a trend. It’s jus so chic and a cool accessory. Love how you styled this look. ✨

  6. Village_Geh

    You look amazing! I hope I can figure out a way to get on this beret trend real soon. It is beautiful!

  7. Favour

    I see red everywhere
    Beret trend is retro. Very versatile and eccentric. I’ve never tried it out before.. But this is inspirational

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