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CHRISTMAS IS HERE *JINGLES BELLS ALL AROUND THE BLOG* Hi guys! Been a minute here. How have you all been doing??? I hope great. I on the other end isn’t in the Christmas spirit yet. I’m currently writing final exams for the semester (and I can’t begin to explain how stressful it is)  hence my abrupt disappearance from the blog.…

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khaki trend

Khaki Trend | WHAT I WORE

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It was just a couple of weeks ago. I went for a shopping event with my friends and once we started moving around the stalls, this khaki off-shoulder top was one of the first pieces i spotted and i just knew i had to get it right away. Prior to this time, i had been looking for the perfect khaki…

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sequin top

Sequin Saturday | WHAT I WORE

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Happy weekend everyone,  What have you all been up to?  I’ve been sleeping, sleeping and sleeping. I can’t seem to get enough. And being up-to-date with the numerous series I watch. Of course that’s besides regular school work. Don’t we all get too excited about the weekend? I definitely do. The weather recently has been bipolar.. Sunshine this minute, heavy…

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