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10 Reasons You Don’t Have A Valentine

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So it’s the weekend before valentine and so many people around the world have caught the love bug. Plans are being made, outfits are getting prepared and ladies are waiting to be swept off their feet yet, there’s still a good number of people who up till today haven’t figured out what they would be doing on the 14th. Better…

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toyinwithfashion collaboration


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Hello Everyone!!! It’s been a minute since our anniversary et giveaway. The winners were announced on our instagram page and have already started claiming their prices. Thanks to everyone who supported and participated. If you’re subscribed to my newsletter or follow me on IG or Twitter, you would have seen that i am now in Lagos!!! The excitement was/is real.…

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CHRISTMAS IS HERE *JINGLES BELLS ALL AROUND THE BLOG* Hi guys! Been a minute here. How have you all been doing??? I hope great. I on the other end isn’t in the Christmas spirit yet. I’m currently writing final exams for the semester (and I can’t begin to explain how stressful it is)  hence my abrupt disappearance from the blog.…

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bra problems solved


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COMMON BRA-BLEMS AND THEIR SOLUTIONS Can I make a confession? I have a thing for undergarments, especially when they come in sets. I just want to wear cute underwear while I do my queen parade around my house all day. The confidence one gets from amazing underwear cannot be over emphasized. Since great fitting clothes are essential in putting together…

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On Being A Strong Willed Woman

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Earlier today, a friend pointed out to me that I am “Strong Willed”. The first thing that came to mind was the stereotyped view of Strong Willed Women being ‘bossy, bitchy and maybe even angry people’ So there i was trying to argue my way out of being that because I’m not even bossy(maybe a little bit?) but definitely not…

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