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CHRISTMAS IS HERE *JINGLES BELLS ALL AROUND THE BLOG* Hi guys! Been a minute here. How have you all been doing??? I hope great. I on the other end isn’t in the Christmas spirit yet. I’m currently writing final exams for the semester (and I can’t begin to explain how stressful it is)  hence my abrupt disappearance from the blog.…

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bra problems solved


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COMMON BRA-BLEMS AND THEIR SOLUTIONS Can I make a confession? I have a thing for undergarments, especially when they come in sets. I just want to wear cute underwear while I do my queen parade around my house all day. The confidence one gets from amazing underwear cannot be over emphasized. Since great fitting clothes are essential in putting together…

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On Being A Strong Willed Woman

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Earlier today, a friend pointed out to me that I am “Strong Willed”. The first thing that came to mind was the stereotyped view of Strong Willed Women being ‘bossy, bitchy and maybe even angry people’ So there i was trying to argue my way out of being that because I’m not even bossy(maybe a little bit?) but definitely not…

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